How can you do a test drive with Ferrari?

Do you want to go on vacation and spend a few days full of adrenaline?
What about trying to fly a Ferrari, a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Porsche 977 Turbo?
There are companies which give you a test drive a race car and also included in the package price of accommodation.
How can you do a test drive with Ferrari?

If you must have an active holiday then you might try flying a Ferrari! Warning though! You must allow at least a year.

For a weekend with two nights and three laps of the track with Ferrari F430 on a circuit of Paris has to fork out 249 euros. will serve as a two star hotel and you will have breakfast included.

What does Ferrari test drive?

You will test a Ferrari F430 F1, model 2005, which reached 315 kilometers per hour. In terms of technical characteristics, the model has a 4.3 V8 engine litr.e about. You will receive the proper equipment such as gloves and helmet or you could try a Renault Sport to accommodate the runway.

After the test drive and receive the diploma of participation, so you can brag to friends that you have tested a Ferrari for a great race track, even on vacation!

If you want to drive six laps and recording of video and then package will cost about 389 euros.

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