Blackberry tablet PC – Playbook test

Design, screen resolution and responsiveness to new software platforms used by Blackberry playbook tablet are “impressive” so that the gadget would have to make a hit on the market opportunities that will hit the shelves before Apple iPad xoom were two or Motorola, write blog technology Enagdget having had the opportunity to test for half an hour still unfinished product variant.

Tablet Canadians from Research in Motion (RIM) uses QNX operating system, purchased last April, combined – among others – and the WebKit browser – also purchased the Canadian company IrisBrowser.

The tablet is less than its main rival, Galaxy Tab, and is a serious issue, “the business”, says Engadget. The tablet has two cameras, micro USB ports, mini-HDMI, and only a few physical buttons (power lock screen, play / pause and volume).

The screen is vivid and the viewing angle is at least the iPad. Pixel density is “excellent, at a resolution of 1024 x 600”, similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The touch screen responds generally very well to commands. Camera with a resolution of five megapixels, but some pictures produced “horrible” in low light conditions.

The basic model of the tablet will be marketed with WiFi connections, but this summer the company will release a compatible model of mobile communication networks based on WiMax standard. The tablet can connect to the internet and telephone connection via Bluetooth to a Blackberry.

Mişscă operating system is fast, free blocks and to run multiple applications in parallel.

RIM Aplciaţia muzicare files show “cute” but it’s not easy to use, says Engadget. The application also “Sheets To Go Documents To Go, which allows opening and editing text documents or spreadsheets is a simplistic interface, akin to a online application, write the blog.

“All the applications look good, do not get us wrong, just do not see any innovation in the way how users can use the tablet screen.

The coolest application on the tablet is the browser, which worked flawlessly, including a fast or zoom the page.

Virtual Keyboard have a very good response time and probably the best sound that mimics a keyboard real fake, but not self-correcting functions.

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