Motorola hopes to return to the top seller of mobile phones

Mobility Motorola Inc, manufacturer of mobile phones that was formed by separation from Motorola, which currently occupies seventh place among the top companies in the field, counting on a comeback in sales. The problem is that no other mobile phone manufacturer in the world has recovered after losing the top chair leadership. Like to get back to number one, Motorola must not only deal with Apple and BlackBerry, but must defy against market trends.

Companies like Ericsson, Siemens, Palm and Alcatel – who were once leaders in the mobile market – have never failed to keep pace with market requirements. However, Sanjay Jha, Motorola’s Mobility CEO, estimates that mobile software platform made on Google will win the battle with Apple and BlackBerry. Motorola Mobility, which could earn income by $ 12.6 billion in 2011, bases its recovery plans and products such as Android Gogle tablet with 7:11 inch screens, which will be launched in the first part of this year.

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