Worth Facebook almost 60 billion dollars?

The number of transactions in unlisted shares in private companies on the exchange, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has seen a dramatic growth in recent months, suggesting investors’ interest in IT start-ups

While companies conducting social sites have shown reluctance to engage in the exchange, they offer shares to employees or investors typically invested in these services.

As a private transaction, part of the employees or investors trying to get out while other investors are trying to join these businesses.

Increasing the number of such transactions in the last month indicate stronger interest of investors, although the market there are fears that such transactions are avoided by the market rules and can not be verified investor expectations.

Transactions are recorded and strong up actions after November Accel Partners investment fund has started to sell 15% ownership interest in the company, in exchange for $ 517,000,000, according to sources cited by the WSJ. The transaction value would be boarded up to $ 35 billion. Later transaction, equity markets up private trading and SecondMarket SharesPost rose by almost 25% to over 56 billion dollars.

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