Prediction: In five years the mobile phone calls will take you through holograms

Cell phone calls designed holographic drive top this year. IBM specialists predictions include batteries that load into contact with air, IT programs can inform where and when traffic congestion will occur, generating environmental information through sensors smarphone car or feeding sites and cities with energy obtained the heat output of the data servers.

IBM ideas are not mere speculation. The group is among the few corporations that invest in long-term research projects and relies on innovation for future development, Saffo notes.

IBM has invested $ 5.8 billion on research last year, 6.1% of revenues. Although down from 10% in 90 years, IBM is spending more on IT Research than rivals like Hewlett-Packard, up 2.4%.

In the first set of predictions, 2006, IBM researchers said that the talks will become instant translation habit. So something has not happened yet. While some programs can quickly translate electronic documents, and a number of applications can provide a limited version talks, there is still no universally available.

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