China has announced it will use part of the country’s foreign exchange reserves to buy bonds issued by European countries

Beijing authorities have indicated their willingness to support the European countries with problems, arguing that the EU remains a key market for investments in government securities.

Throughout the year, China was very interested in the problems faced by Europe. In October, China has shown willingness to finance throughout Greece by acquiring bonds issued by Athens, the Greek authorities will decide when to issue new securities.

Recently, contacts between the Chinese and Portuguese officials have stepped up, all culminating in the visit that the Portuguese Finance Minister Fernando Teixeira dos Santos made it to Beijing. Although no Chinese official has not yet made by the “obscene” amounts on the accounts to be targeted by the Lisbon government, analysts expect that China will buy bonds in the near future Portuguese 4-5 billion.

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan has made efforts to mask their satisfaction that the EU and the IMF make every effort to ensure the stability of the continent.

At the end of this year, EU leaders reached a consensus consituirea permanent emergency fund at EU level, designed to protect countries from possible future shortfalls.

However, Greece and Ireland will host next year in an extended convalescence after being saved from disaster by means of EU funds and the IMF, while Spain and Portugal are listed as the following to be made by investors in the knee.

Although the markets have reacted positively after the assessments coming from China and look after the authorities in Beijing have expressed directly intention to place a huge part of forex reserves in Europe, the continent’s fragile economies continue to suffer after the agencies have already drawn attention rating Portugal, Belgium and Spain.

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