Windows prepares first serious attack against iPhone and Android

Microsoft, the largest software producer in the world, working on an operating system to the tablets and smartphones that have ARM processors, according to Reuters. The representatives argue that the American giant 7 Phone Windows platform for mobile phones launched in the autumn gaining ground on smartphone market.

The new OS will be available for tablets and smart phones based on ARM processors Holdings PLC British company, such as embedded processors in all tablets and smartphones running the IOS operating system (iPhone, iPad) or Android .

It is not known but will be launched on the market when the new system, but Microsoft representatives believe that it could regain lost ground in the market tablets and other devices with long battery through a partnership with ARM, news agency reports citing familiar situation.

Tablet PC market is a new one that began to develop at the beginning of the presentation by the Americans from Apple iPad.

The device sold in the first quarter after launch over 4 million copies. In Romania, according to market sources, Emag, the largest online retailer of Apple tablets sold about 3,000 this year. The latest company to launch Tablet PCs include Samsung, Samsung Tab Galaxy, which sold one million copies in two months.

Microsoft claims that have been sold in the first months of its launch over 1.5 million mobile phones running on Windows Phone 7, which reached the company’s expectations. Phone Windows 7 could be Microsoft’s last chance to impose their presence on the mobile phone market now dominated by Apple and Google, with its Android operating system.

However, according to Gillis, the 1.5 million phones were sold to distributors rather than end users, which has tempered the announcement Microsoft representatives. Some producers have launched phones that run Windows are 7 Phone HTC, Samsung or LG.

Colin Gillis estimates that next year will be sold 25 million phones with Windows Phone 7. Instead, analysts say that will be sold 60 million iPhones of Apple in 2011. Analyst at BGC Partners said that Microsoft spent 500 million dollars to promote Windows Mobile Phone and believes that the software giant would have more to gain if they use this money to subsidize the price of phones.

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