European IT & C market will grow with 1.5% up to 715 billion euros

European IT & C market will return to growth in 2011, is expected an increase of 1.5% to 715 billion euros, according to European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) in Berlin. EITO estimated next year segments of IT devices, software and IT services will grow by 3.9% to 314 billion euros.

“Companies in Europe will continue investing in IT that have been canceled due to financial crisis, “said Axel Polsat, director of the EITO.
Also, in telecommunications revenue will grow by 0.8%, to 344 billion euros. However though, appliances segment will decline by 6.7% to 56.3 billion euros. “One of the reasons for the decline of this segment is that the market is saturated with flat screen TVs and set-top digital boxes, areas that have experienced large increases in previous years”, says the report EITO.

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