Yahoo’s net profit increased more than three times in the 2010 third quarter

Yahoo’s net profit rose in the third quarter more than tripled, to 186 million dollars from 54 million dollars in the same period last year, although the company’s revenues declined due to higher advertising business segment and reductions expenditure.
Yahoo shares climbed 5% on the New York Stock Exchange after the announcement of results, exceeding forecasts strong market for both profit and sales.

Yahoo Analysts believe that businesses will continue to improve in the fourth quarter, with improving economic conditions and hence, increased spending on online advertising companies for proper.

Yahoo is the largest operator of online advertising in the United States, but ranks second in Internet search market, far from leader Google, which has a market share close to 65%.

Yahoo Revenues decreased by 12% in the third quarter to 1.57 billion dollars from 1.78 billion dollars in the same period last year, but online advertising sales were up 2%, indicating good prospects for the company.

Unexpectedly strong profit growth due to sales ratio of around 30% stake in Yahoo China site

The company went through an extensive restructuring process under the leadership of Director General Carol Bartz, who took office early this year. Yahoo has dropped in summer to 5% of staff that 675 positions, and gave up more non-performing assets.

In addition, Yahoo has partnered 10-year segment of online research with Microsoft to challenge Google’s position on this market, but the agreement is still rated by antitrust authorities.

In the first nine months of the year, Yahoo revenue fell by 12.6% to 4.72 billion dollars from 5.4 billion dollars in January-September period last year. Net income also decreased by 38.4% from 725.38 million dollars from 449.55 million dollars, says the company’s quarterly financial report.

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