Disclosures Wikileaks confirms the importance of the Internet as a communication tool

Dissemination of American diplomatic notes by Wikileaks site marks a major step in the evolution of the Internet, highlighting its impact on the world scale.
Wikileaks remind business disclosures Napster, which caused a surge in the music industry in 1999, offering free access via the Internet, hundreds of thousands of songs.

Critics believe that the serious crimes committed by Wikileaks operation begins serving 250,000 U.S. diplomatic telegrams.

The border between positive and negative effects of the method is difficult to establish Wikileaks, like expert Clay Shirky. “It is clear that a functioning democracy citizens must be able to know what does and what the state says their names. And Wikileaks fulfills this role. But on the other hand, can not all be perfectly transparent,” said the expert.

Andrew Rasiej, co-founder of political blog techPresident.com technology, Wikileaks believes that the Internet brought a new era. “I hope that when things will calm down, the U.S. administration should recognize that they need to strive for openness and transparency,” said Rasiej.

The future could be bleak for Wikileaks, notes James Lewis, an expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “In ten years nobody will say that Wikileaks was a good thing,” said Lewis.

“Wikileaks members probably had good intentions, but the situation will turn against them. People will wonder if these behaviors are responsible,” adds James Lewis.

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