Allview comes with the first dual SIM phone with 3G and WiFi

Visual Fan, Brasov company which sells its own brand Allview various electronic products, has launched its first mobile phone that can connect to their 3G mobile networks and Wi-Fi networks – a project the company announced earlier this year. The phone, which resemble those produced by a Canadian company RIM (Blackberry) can simultaneously work with two sim cards and costs about 500 lei (120 euros).

“We sold 1,500 units in 17 days,” said Lucian Peticilă ZF, general manager of Visual Fan.
“The phone is available through retail networks such as GSM Germanos Fonomat or Euro-GSM, and some phone subsidies applied if purchased with subscriptions,” he added.

The phone, called the Q1 Allview G3T, allows you to receive e-mail with an application that, according to the company, reduces the amount of data transferred to mobile. “Application of PushMail phone allows you to receive automatic messages from e-mail from work and personal accounts like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. By PushMail Mobiquus data traffic and default connection costs are reduced through the compression function files, according to representatives of Allview. The handset allows you to open files such as Adobe Reader (PDF), archives and documents, image or video and all files in the Office suite, including Microsoft Office 2007.

According to data from the Trade Register, the company is fully owned by Cotună Cameron, 36, from Brasov. Visual Fan registered in 2008 a gross profit of 40,000 euros to 2.6 million euro turnover.

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