Telephone Operators: Google, Apple and Facebook should contribute to investments in networks

Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook should contribute to network investment required for broadband services, believes European telecommunications operators.

As mobile phone companies and Internet service creates new video, music and games operators like France Telecom, Telecom Italia and Vodafone Group will be an agreement by which content providers like Apple and Google to pay fees according to use networks .

“Flood the network service providers without an incentive to reduce costs. A system of payment for them, depending on usage,” he said in November St├ęphane Richard, CEO of France Telecom.

Richard could address this issue at the conference “Le Web” takes place Wednesday in Paris. He joined as head of Telecom Italia, Franco Bernabe, and that of Telefonica, Cesar Alierta, a campaign can turn into a cold war with Web companies.

As the number of Internet users and mobile phones is increasing, the cost could exceed development of networks of wireless carriers increase revenues, the impact on ROI.

The number of mobile internet connections in Western Europe will increase by an average 15% per year to 270 million by 2014, but revenue from end users will decrease by about 1% per year, according to research company estimates IDC market.

In the same period, annual spending on networking equipment will grow by 28% compared with 2009, about $ 3.7 billion, predicts market analysis company Canalys.

“Companies like Google and Yahoo use free telephone networks, which is good for them, but a tragedy for us. The situation can not continue,” said Alierta in February.

Operators benefit from the growing popularity of mobile data access. Such revenues in this segment of France Telecom, the largest seller of appliances after AT & T iPhone, jumped 24% in the third quarter, representing almost 32% of revenues to the networks.

However, due to general slowing of revenue, operators are trying to transfer some of the costs of service providers.

In November, Apple’s plan to introduce so-called iPhone software SIM resulted future European operators warn that price will drop to subsidize the device, reported the Daily Telegraph.

SIM software will allow users to more easily pass from one network to another, eliminating the need for a new SIM card issued by an operator.

So far Apple has dropped the idea, but the technology will eventually be introduced, said Sanford Bernstein analyst Robin Bienenstock company.

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