Former members of Wikileaks has a rival project, OpenLeaks

Former members of the Wikileaks site, its founder Julian Assange dissatisfied, presented their project Friday competitor called OpenLeaks, to be launched in the near future and will seek to facilitate the disclosure of information directly to the press.

Unlike Wikileaks, the site will not publish OpenLeaks live on the Internet, but will also allow partners to receive information media, explains former German Wikileaks spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg, and former member of the Icelandic Herbert Snorrason.

“OpenLeaks is a technology project that aims to be a provider for others who want to receive information from anonymous sources,” says Domscheit-Berg, a documentary about Wikileaks, which will be aired Sunday evening Swedish TV station SVT.

Address future site is active and displays the message “coming soon” as its logo.

Created in 2006, the website Wikileaks, which specializes in publishing confidential documents, recently caused a diplomatic storm, showcasing thousands of U.S. diplomatic notes.

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