iPad 2 will have two video cameras

New contracts signed by the maker of electronic components suppliers Apple reveals new iPad a new model, said sources close to the negotiations, one of them stating that the new version of the tablet PC will have two cameras mounted on both sides of the device Reuters writes.

Apple gadget launched this year has seen an explosion of popularity, with millions of copies sold worldwide.
The model has been criticized for shortcomings but traditional connectivity, such as web cameras or USB connections.

Wintek Corp. Manufacturer of touch screens and battery manufacturer Simplo Technology are among the suppliers of components for iPads, four sources close to the negotiations said. Two of them said that suppliers are ready to increase production of the tracks available on the iPad, the other two have said that the increase in production is due to the new generation of iPads. One of the sources also said that the new model will have two webcams, will be thinner and lighter.

Two other sources told Reuters that Genius web camera manufacturers and Largan will begin working with Apple, but were not able to provide details of the device will be used for parts delivery.

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